GEOPOE, an innovative brand marketing consultant group

Founded in 2007, Geopoe Group has currently established the industry's leading brand marketing integrated service chainto provide a full range of brand development and marketing solutions for enterprises, mainly including marketing innovation consulting, design for brand strategy, integrated communication strategy, digital marketing, media strategy and delivery, marketing management and the development of new sales channel, etc. The Group has many specialist agencies such as Geopoe brand integrated marketing, brand strategy design of KHT, Geopoe digital marketing, leasionsmart marketing technology, Geopac packaging design and operation and Geopoe innovative marketing investment, etc. The group has provided fruitful marketing innovation services for enterprises in many fields, such as, food, beverage, health care, consumer agriculture, electronic appliances, financial services, culture and business travel, automobile market and daily chemical industry, etc.
Geopoe brand marketing group made an innovative introduction of BIMS which is an internationally leading brand operation mode in 2015.Setting up 200 million of self-owned investment funds and strongly building up "a successful brand incubator", Geopoe Group hasfound the new way for the success of growing enterprises of China.
With the increasingly intensified competition in the world, China has become one of the most competitive markets. However, China's enterprises havenever been lack of good products as well as ambition and passion for success. In the past ten years, through solving the problem of brand marketing for enterprises effectively, GeopoeGroup has grown up with more than 300 enterprises together and accumulated a good industry influence. However, all of these are just a beginning of the journey in helping enterprises to embark on the way of success because our goal is to become China's best and world-class brand marketing group. In the other words, Geopoe Group needs not only to achieve more and more praise and reputation in professional services, but also to continue practicingour promise in an enough courage and to become one of the important power for changing the survival way of China's enterprises.
There is an old saying in China, times make hero. We have enough reasons to believe that it will not be too far to realize all of these.

Founder of Geopoe Group, Liufeng.

The four core strengths

The modes and standards of introducing talents

"Professional+Ability", under brand marketing related integration service pattern, the models and standards of GEOPOE on talent introducing level is: To stress comprehensive capability of solving problem related to brand marketing rather than stress professional only.

The competitiveness of service patterns

Brand marketing related integration service pattern cannot be completed in one day. It is built based on time accumulation and capital power as well as talents resources instead. The running of brand marketing related integration service pattern in GEOPOE was promoted to be strategic level and abundant experience and talents are accumulated during the long time running. And the unique competitive service pattern is formed.

The introducing of enterprising system control

GEOPOE carries on enterprising operation and management under the brand marketing related integration service mode. Management system and management mechanism of enterprising operation and specification generally applied in some scale enterprises is introduced which ensures the quality and efficiency of project service presented.

The advantage of strong financial strength

With the guarantee of strong financial strength, GEOPOE have the capability to help customers especially small and medium-sized, growth companies growing from small to big and from weakness brand to be strong brand.

To inject capital and abundant marketing resources for marketing innovative enterprises and hatch new brands successfully

By decades of precipitation, GEOPOE group builds a perfect brand marketing integration service chain and accumulates strong industrial influence. With large-scale financial resources, GEOPOE is professional on exploring investment opportunities and helping enterprises to solve the pain of shortage on finance.

A brand consult company appointed by China's three major food groups at the same time

Professional brand service, wins the favor of best brands

The unique Asian strategically cooperation partner of three international known professional institutes

Keep exploring better international resourcesand new mode of international cooperation for clients.

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Awards winners of marketing and design in domestic and aboard


Chinese advertisement outstanding
contribution award in 2015
The creative consulting firm appointed by Samsung China and Chinese Disney at the same time